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Scientific programme as of 23 July 2019

Personalised medicine in acute respiratory distress syndrome

Personalised medicine in acute respiratory distress syndrome

Organisers : Prof. Raffaele Scala (Italy), Dr Lieuwe Bos (Netherlands) and Prof. Carolyn Calfee (USA)

The proposed Research Seminar is a platform to share expert knowledge with the attendees. This knowledge will be used to provide a perspective for personalised medicine into three domains of ARDS: clinical etiologies, physiological parameters and biological profiles. The field of phenotype research in ARDS is young and relatively undeveloped and this research seminar will help to formalise recommendations for clinicians based on the currently available knowledge to provide perspective for researchers pursuing new insights.


  • Investigate the scientific basis for our general assumptions about the etiology, pathophysiology, and management of ARDS.
  • Discuss the gap between the results coming from the RCTs and the experimental researchers.
  • Discuss the challenges that researchers may have to face when planning and performing clinical trials of ventilatory support or pharmacological interventions in patients with ARDS.
  • Propose a plan to better translatie preclinical and physiological studies into evidence based clinical practice.
  • Establish a platform for interaction between participants to further study ARDS in larger cooperation.
  • Provide a perspective on personalised medicine in ARDS for the scientific and clinical community.

Participant benefit:

  • Clarify the details of current basic/experimental research in the context of value added to clinical research in ARDS.
  • Discuss the still open questions in clinical management of ARDS.
  • Participate in a stimulating forum attended by expert scientists and clinicians in the field.
  • Drive the basic research towards the integrated concept of personalised medicine.

Poster session will take place as part of the research seminar. If you are interested in presenting your work, please send your abstracts to by 01 November 2019. Notification of selections will be sent in mid-December 2019.


Admittance to this seminar is upon selection due to the limited number of places available. If you are interested in participation complete the online registration form until the deadline 01 November 2019. Notification of selections will be sent by mid-December 2019.

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