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Programme as of 04 November 2019

Early Origins of Lung Disease: an interdisciplinary approach

Organisers : Dr Niki Ubags (Switzerland) and Dr Jennifer Collins (Netherlands)

Recent studies investigating the developmental origins of lung diseases have started to delineate the effects of early life (pre-, peri- and postnatal) changes in lung development, environmental exposures and immune maturation on the development of childhood and adult lung diseases.

Taken together, external factors greatly affect pre- and postnatal lung development. Alterations in what is considered "healthy" lung development may prime the neonate for increased susceptibility to develop respiratory complications in later life. Although conceptually this viewpoint is widely accepted, the exact mechanisms underlying and time-frame in which these alterations take place remain to be unravelled. Investigations into the role of pre- and postnatal immune maturation and the influence of microbial composition on setting the immunological tone in early life will be discussed during the research seminar as research areas that need to be prioritized.


  • Identify knowledge gaps in the research on pre- and postnatal development of the lung approached from a multidisciplinary perspective, focussing on lung cellular, immunological and microbial crosstalk.
  • Identify whether there is a 'window-of-opportunity' in utero and in early life during which potential prevention strategies for respiratory diseases could be beneficial.
  • Discuss the potential for establishing interdisciplinary collaborations with leading experts within a European network.

The abstracts sessions will take place as part of the research seminar. If you are interested in presenting your work, please send your abstracts to by 31 August 2019. Notification of selections will be sent in mid-September 2019.


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Admittance to this seminar is upon selection due to the limited number of places available. Notification of selections for those who registered will be sent by the end of September 2019.

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